The Lodge, where all activities will be held, has 5 rooms which have all been rented as of 8/18/19.

If you choose to come on Thursday and want to stay in the Lodge, your Thursday registration is FREE!

Please be advised that (new this year) Lodge bedrooms will likely be used during the daytime on Saturday and Sunday for One-on-Ones and/or jamming, especially in case of inclement weather. We also request that if your room has a bathroom, please allow folks to use it during One-on-Ones/jams if needed. The Lodge room rates have been reduced to reflect this request.

More options for housing are below.

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The next closest housing option is a cabin on the Land's Creek property. Cabins are between 1/2 a mile and a mile away from the Lodge. If you stay in a cabin or even in town, you'll catch a ride up to the Lodge with someone at the parking lot which is centrally located (we will all be carpooling up to the Lodge to minimize traffic on the gravel mountain road).


Book your cabin for 3 nights and get the off-season rate!

There are different sizes and types of cabins available.


View the cabin options here.

Contact Robin at Land's Creek to book your cabin! 888-346-9793

Or try an AirBnb - Bryson City has many options!

Local hotels are another great choice.

Due to carpooling needs, Allie will follow up with you to learn what housing option you choose.

Friday dinner will be a potluck. Frank & Allie will provide burgers, brats, and veggie burgers.

Bring a side, desert, or beverages to share. The Ingles grocery store is close and a good place to pick up provisions.




Saturday and Sunday breakfast will be "grab and go" items of different types. Some hot items will be available as well.

Saturday and Sunday lunches will be salad, sandwiches, and leftovers from Friday!

On Saturday evening, we will have a BBQ dinner with all the fixin's.

There's a large fridge in the Lodge. If you're vegetarian and/or need to bring some of  your own food items, just label them and bring them along.

And we are adult-beverage friendly. :-)

Bring some to share!


Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 9.32.01 PM.png

"We spent the next 3 days playing music with people who were at first strangers but very quickly became friends through the common bond of old time music! This whole experience made me not only grow as a musician but also increased my love of old time traditions. Music is such a powerful connector!

"Upon arriving at the Frolic, my husband and I were greeted with friendly faces and a very relaxed, genuine vibe.

"We can’t wait for the next Frolic, it has become a family tradition for us!"

                                                             - Dinah, Jacksonville, FL

(guitar & singing, class of 2018)