Jenny Traynham

Jenny Traynahm started playing guitar at age 15, performing on her own in coffee houses and bars. Mac taught her to play banjo way back in the day, and since then she has taught banjo, guitar and duet singing at music camps, locally and privately through the years. She loves to share what she knows!


Her favorite “contemporary band" was a local band around Southwest Virginia called the Laurel Fork Travelers. Not famous or polished, just pure music. She is also partial to Grayson and Whitter, as well as Charlie Monroe and His Kentucky Pardners. The old radio shows, especially.

Mac and Jenny Traynham have been a part of Southwest Virginia’s vibrant music scene since the mid 1970’s when they were part of music and clogging scene in Blacksburg Virginia. They went on to embrace the rural lifestyle and raised a family in nearby Floyd County.

They are best known for harmony singing of songs from the old-time country and gospel traditions and they have a history of playing solid old-time dance music, mountain ballads, and other types of music from the Blue Ridge Mountains. They were inspired by the fiddle banjo
and guitar styles of the old-timers of their local area as well as by the masters of the Golden Era of Country Music.

Jenny Traynham