Jim Nelson guitar.png

Jim Nelson is a veteran of the Midwest old-time music scene, and honed his guitar picking skills through years of backing up dance fiddlers young and old, including Bob Holt, Lotus Dickey, Chirps Smith, and Geoff Seitz. He performed with the St. Louis-based Ill-Mo Boys for over two decades and currently plays with the Red Squirrel Chasers, as well
as the recently reconstituted and revamped Volo Bogtrotters, based in Chicago. He has participated in several highly acclaimed recordings by fiddlers Paul Brown, Chirps Smith, and Rhys Jones. When not performing around the country with the Red
Squirrel Chasers and the Bogtrotters, he can be found closer to home playing in various square dance bands, including The Little Egypt Pep Steppers and The Missouri Possum Tamers.

Jim Nelson